5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a PHP Developer In 2021

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Today, every business yearns for an established online presence, thus making your business website a fundamental part of your business promotion campaign. With this, most businesses prefer PHP web development for a fully functional business website to gain in the easy customization, scalability, and security benefits. But with the highly competitive online business market the biggest challenge that comes your way is hiring the most appropriate PHP web developer for your business website development.

Guiding you through the hiring process here we bring you 5 important questions that you need to ask before hiring a PHP developer:

1) How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have? And How Many Clients You Have Served?

The experience of the php developer will allow you to judge his expertise in developing solutions. Along with this, you can also get to know the number of clients he has served previously, thus further helping you to judge if he fits your requirements.

2) Can You Provide Me With Some Previous Case Studies Or Client Referrals Having Requirements Similar To Ours?

Stepping forward in the judging process, you can ask him some previous client referrals or case studies that have similar requirements as yours. This will help you know the solution building the expertise of the PHP developer and know whether he has advanced PHP web development skills or medium-level skills.

3) Can You Share With Me An Estimate Of My Project Along With The Parameters That Are Included In The Estimate?

The budget is the major deal-maker or deal-breaker component that has to be thought of well upon. With the above question, you would be able to know the price estimate of your project and good research would allow you to judge the acuteness of the estimate and is it according to your budget. Thus helping you choose between the various options of PHP web development service providers.

4) Can You Guide Me Through The Post Website Development Strategy?

A skilled PHP web developer along with developing an SEO-optimized business website for you is capable of guiding you through the lead generation strategy post website development.

5) When Will The Developed Website Be Ready For Employment?

Knowing the exact practical timeline of the delivery of the project is a good thing because it will allow you to schedule your other post website deployment strategies accordingly. With this, it will constitute the bill of the project if the developer you hire charges you on an hourly basis.


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Here with these essential questions, you will surely be able to hire the correct PHP developer for your new website development. Further, if you want to hire accountable and accomplished PHP developer at affordable costs, contact at – sales@growthwalt.com